□ 101系列非断桥隔热铝合金窗纱一体窗推拉窗

■ FH101 Series non-broken bridge Al frame and sash integrated sliding windows & doors

□ 铝合金6063T5型材,101mm框架,壁厚2.0mm

■ Profile:6063T5, frame width:101mm, profile wall thickness: 2.0mm

□ 非断桥隔热结构,硅化毛条密封结构

■ non-broken bridge Al structure, silicone brush sealing structure

□ 隐藏式排水系统

■ Hidden drainage system

□ 采用多道毛条密封胶条密封

■ multi-channel brush sealing tape to seal

□ 玻璃镶嵌以硅酮结构胶湿法密封

■ Glass inlay with silicone structural adhesive Wet Seal

□ 标配国产驰名推拉锁

■ Hardware: Chinese top sliding locking system

□ 标配双层钢化玻璃和氩气填充

■ Double temper glazing filled with argon

□ 可选配低辐射镀膜玻璃、夹胶玻璃、磨砂玻璃、

■ Variety of glazing options available, including Low-e glazing, laminated glazing, frosted glazing.

□ 铝合金纱扇和玻璃扇一体;

■ Aluminium alloy sash and glazing sash are integrated

产品特点 Advantage:

□ 优良的气密性,配合15mm空间中空玻璃达到良好的保温隔音性能。

■ Excellent air tightness and cooperate with 15mm space hollow glass to achieve good sound insulation performance .

□ 锁定系统,密封性能好。

■ Multi-point locking system for good sealing performance.

□ 符合澳大利亚AS2047标准,并按照AS1288釉面。

■ Tested and meet Australian Standards AS2047 and glazed in accordance with AS1288.